Exquisite Mooncake Designs From Top Luxury Brands in China

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, mooncakes have become the popular gift choice for people in China. Besides the traditional flavors, there are many luxury brands in China that have been innovating and elevating the mooncake game with their exquisite designs and flavors.

Here are some of the most stunning and luxurious mooncake designs from top luxury brands in China:

1. Da Hong Pao Mooncake Set from Dahongpao Tea

Dahongpao Tea, well-known for its premium Oolong tea, has released a set of mooncakes that embody the essence of the tea culture. The mooncakes are enclosed in an elegant gift box with a red-tinted glass cover, which is then sealed with a traditional Chinese knot. The set includes four mooncakes, each made with organic wheat flour, rose sugar, and the world-renowned Da Hong Pao tea. The mooncakes are intricately shaped in the form of the tea tree leaves, highlighting the connection between the tea and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

2. Rose Petal Mooncake Set from Shanghai Tang

Shanghai Tang, a luxury fashion brand that respects traditional Chinese culture while embracing modern aesthetics, has created a set of mooncakes that delight both the taste buds and the eyes. The mooncakes are infused with the fragrance of rose petals and come in different shapes and sizes that represent the full moon, clouds, and stars. The gift box is designed with a double-layered lid, featuring a rose pattern that fades from light to dark, symbolizing the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

3. Luxury Mooncake Set from The Peninsula Hotels

The Peninsula Hotels, a renowned hotel-chain brand that upholds a tradition of unparalleled hospitality, has created a themed mooncake set that captures the essence of its signature elegance and sophistication. The gift box features a celestial blue hue and a vivid golden logo, which represents the moon and the sun, respectively. The set includes eight mooncakes, each crafted with premium ingredients, such as lotus seed paste, Chinese jujubes, and black truffles. The mooncakes are sculpted into the shape of peaches, which symbolize longevity and good fortune.

4. Dragon Boat Festival Mooncake Set from Wuliangye

Wuliangye, a leading liquor brand that specializes in the production of Chinese baijiu, has created a mooncake set that celebrates the traditional Chinese holiday known as Dragon Boat Festival. The gift box includes four mooncakes, each made with the finest ingredients, such as pure lotus seed paste and a premium Wuliangye liquor filling. The mooncakes are shaped in the form of dragon boats, which are associated with the festival’s legendary origins.

5. Jade Rabbit Mooncake Set from Guerlain

Guerlain, a luxury cosmetics and fragrance brand, has released a mooncake set that pays tribute to the story of Chang’e Flying to the Moon. The gift box is designed with a dreamy landscape of the moon’s surface, featuring the jade rabbit, which is the character in the story that represents companionship and harmony. The set includes six mooncakes, each infused with the fragrance of the brand’s exclusive perfume, L’Essential. The mooncakes are shaped in the form of a crescent moon, symbolizing the reunion of families during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

In conclusion, these exquisite mooncake designs from top luxury brands in China showcase the innovation and creativity of Chinese culture. These mooncakes not only serve as decadent treats but also as beautiful gifts that convey the warmth and affection of the Mid-Autumn Festival.