Chinese Streaming Platforms: A Diversified Market & Opportunities for Brands

The Chinese streaming industry has witnessed rapid growth in recent years. According to a report by QuestMobile, the total number of active users of online video platforms in China reached 972 million in 2020, an increase of 1.3% from the previous year. The market’s revenue is expected to reach 320 billion (about $50 billion) in 2021, with a growth rate of 24.7%. The high market potential and diversified categories of content make Chinese streaming platforms an essential market for brands to explore.

Diversified Categories of Content

Chinese streaming platforms offer various categories of content such as dramas, films, variety shows, music, and e-sports. These platforms showcase local cultural elements and attract a large number of users. For example, iQiyi, one of the largest streaming platforms in China, launched the “iQIYI New Year’s Eve Concert” in 2021, featuring top Chinese singers and dancers, attracting more than 200 million viewers. The popularity of these shows not only reflects the demand for entertainment but also the desire to feel a sense of community.

Opportunities for Brands

With the high user volume and diversified content offered by these platforms, there are opportunities for brands to reach a broad and diverse audience. Brands can collaborate with streaming platforms in various ways, such as sponsoring popular shows, placing advertisements, or creating online campaigns.

For example, Olay, a beauty brand, collaborated with iQiyi and launched a “Goddesses from the Light” campaign, featuring inspirational women’s stories. The campaign resonated with iQiyi’s young female viewers and generated positive brand awareness. Another example is the fintech brand, Ant Financial, which sponsored the hit variety show “Keep Running.” The brand’s logo and products were integrated into the show’s plot, elevating the brand’s visibility among the younger generation.


The Chinese streaming market offers a diverse range of content, attracting a vast audience with varied interests. Brands can leverage this market by creating customized and creative content that resonates with viewers’ interests. The opportunities for brand collaboration with streaming platforms are abundant, from sponsored shows to online campaigns. By deeply understanding the Chinese streaming market, brands can seize the opportunities and gain a strong competitive advantage.