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Intellectual property rights infringement is a problem in China. Its an issue for companies who are selling their products into China. Some companies have had to pay large sums of money to Chinese speculators who have registered their company name and then sold it to these companies. This act is not illegal in China.

It is, therefore, vital to register your intellectual property and trademark in China. The registration process for a trademark application in China can take up to 18 months. Trademarks are only be protected once the application has been approved. Companies should conduct due diligence to see if similar trademarks are registered. Current trademarks can be researched at the China Trademark Office’s official database.

China is also a signatory to several international intellectual property (IP) treaties administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).


We’ve helped Foreign entrepreneurs turn ideas into businesses in China.


Foreign enterprises may enjoy legal protection on their products and services in China with a Trademark Registration application, allowing their brands to secure sustainable footholds in China market. Meantime, we provide professional Trademark Registration services to help clients avoid cumbersome processes.


We provide company registration and business consulting services for companies to seek an establishment of business in China. We offer a comprehensive guideline for the company registration process to help guide you through every level of complicated processes in any language you are comfortable in.


Foreign Legal corporations and Foreign natural persons can apply copyright. But the Relevant documents through certification or notarization are required by the Government. Our professional Attorney will perform a check the availability of the Works and provide you with an excellent service. That is, software copyright, the copyright of the works, and Digital Copyright Identifier (DCI).


If you do need a professional consultant agent in China, we help run your company, and take charge of all your accounting needs, tax filling, and do all the correspondence with the government and relevant bureaus regarding your company. We will appoint a professional accounting firm to represent you at a very reasonable price.​

eCommerce Consultancy Service

Which online stores should you list on in China?
Two platforms dominate the market in China and account for 75% of all e-commerce transactions. They are TMall and


China’s approach, for its clients, is to offer a single point of contact, a trusted advisor, who will develop a deep understanding of its client’s business’s needs and requirements for the Chinese market. Then, with the rest of our team, they will work to help identify growth, sustainability and profitability improvement opportunities from China.


Make your business ready for China

Positioning your business for success in China is no easy task. Our advisors will support you on regulatory alignment, logistics and customs clearance, market localization, language, and culture. We will work to clarify your market position and developing a strategic business plan and tactics for China.

Trademarks protect your brand

Registering your trademark is an important step in protecting your brand and launching a successful business or division in China. Although counterfeit products are very common in China, the country only protects registered trademarks. For this reason, it is essential to go through the process of registering your trademark. 

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Key Trademark Information for China

China works under a first to file system, meaning the first person to register an IP right there will own that right when granted.
It is essential to register your rights in China to be able to defend and enforce them.
It is challenging to register trademark names that primarily contain location names or product names.
If you discover that a third party has pre-registered your trademark name, it is crucial to seek legal advice and guidance immediately.

China’s Trademark Application Process

Stage 1 Client contacts pfwatches to request its Trademark Service

Stage 2 Client provides trademark names, logos, and product background information for the names they are interested in applying to have trademarked.

Stage 3 You issue payment to pfwatches to conduct Trademark Name Research.

Stage 4 pfwatches researches Trademark Names and logos availability in China.

Stage 5 A Report on available trade names is issued.

Stage 6 Client selects, if applicable, an available trademark name.

Stage 7 Client provides supporting documentation for application:

– Business License

– Company owner name and passport

Stage 8 Documents translated into Chinese by pfwatches.

Stage 9 pfwatches Trademark Name Registration application is prepared for the title, the product classification, and the trademark classification.

Stage 10 pfwatches applies to the China Trademark Registration Bureau (CTRB).

Stage 11 CTRB 3 Stage Approval Process. (circa 17 months):

Stage.1 (+3 months post-application) – CTRB provide initial approval/ rejection feedback.

Stage.2 (+12 months post-application) – CTRB provides 2nd round approval/ rejection feedback.

Stage.3 (+17 Months post-application) – CTRB issues a certification or rejects the application.

**Note the Certification is usually valid for ten years**


Stage 12 (Optional) Register Trademark with Chinese Customs

TCI China advises that companies also register their Trademark with Chinese customs; this will prevent and halt any movement of illegally branded products moving through Chinese ports.


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With our headquarters based in Belgium, we searched for a PEO that could provide us consultation and support regarding payroll in China. Although we have only worked with New Horizons for a few months now, we are pleased with their expertise and the fact that they are flexible, very responsive and easy accessible. They were able to begin providing the services we needed within the short deadline we were looking for.

Katian Flamand

Human Resources

On deciding to begin commercial activities in China in 2020, we needed a service provider to handle the employment and remuneration of our workforce. We contacted NH Global Partners to help us, and the result was a fast, efficient and fit-for-purpose employment solution. They manage to combine in-country knowledge of regulations and business culture with local European support and coordination. I strongly recommend them as a trusted business partner.

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