We create local digital user experience and brand for you in China

Provide localized web design, Baidu advertising, SEO and online marketing, APP development, wechat advertising, logo and VI design, graphic design services

We understand the technical requirements and strict constraints of unique search engines and platforms in Asia

With offices in Guangzhou, PANDACUADS has a number of digital marketing experts from different regions, providing practical localized SEO, SEM, social and presentation solutions for global brands.

We are regional, independent and flexible in design,
To help you grow, compete and succeed in Asia.

China market entry

digital partner for companies entering the Chinese market


digital partner for education businesses in China

Chinese market

China has 828 million Internet users captured by a unique array of Chinese search engines and social media.


digital partner for e-commerce and web-based businesses

Chinese brand Naming

Localization visual identity design

We believe that a brand should express the soul of an organization, and Pandacuads designers visually represent this soul through the design of the brand’s logo in China and internationally. Through industry, visual and target audience research, we produce logos and visual identifiers that communicate your organization in a unique and memorable way. When expanding into new markets, we localize your logo and VI with experience in Chinese logo design and international design.

Some of our brand clients from around the world

Baidu Ads Management

Global Translation Services


Marketing to Distributors

Kick-start your marketing effort with China Social media Native ads



Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

Website For China

Custom Chinese website and website localization for China

Hosting, domain name, ICP license

If your enterprise is serious about entering the Chinese market, you will need a website specifically targeted at your Chinese audience. China’s digital ecosystem is unique on many levels: its regulations, the habits and behaviors of its users, and its players. Choosing the right strategy when creating a website for China can save your organization time, money, and unrealistic expectations, while leveraging your existing assets and optimizing the user experience for your Chinese audience. PANDACUADS has been helping clients provide digital solutions in China since 2016 and we would like to share our expertise with you.

Translation and localization of Chinese content

As with content, adapting your website design to a Chinese audience can go a long way. It’s just that replacing English characters with Chinese characters often looks wrong and indecent. Working with a Chinese designer to adjust the site layout will display your marketing message in Chinese as intended. It is also important to choose images and key visuals that resonate with Chinese audiences.

PANDACUADS has been designing and localizing websites for China. We can help you create or adjust your website design to optimize the user experience for the Chinese audience

Chinese Website Development

Web technology in China is the same as technology outside China. However, many third-party services that are not hosted in China (such as Youtube, Google Maps, etc.) cannot be accessed from China, resulting in very slow loading and breakdowns. Before deploying a website for China, it is important to identify which services are blocked and replace them with Chinese alternatives (e.g., Tencent Video, Baidu Maps, wechat sharing functions).

Is your website developed with WordPress? Perfect. The Flow development team has extensive experience in localizing WordPress websites for China. We can work with your global web team to localize your existing website assets or develop a new website for China.

WeChat mobile website, WeChat applet and WeChat payment

According to reports, with more than 1 billion monthly active users, 800 million WeChat Pay users, 230 million WeChat Mini Program daily users and 80% of WeChat users also use WeChat for work, WeChat is an essential communication and communication tool for your business to interact with China. marketing tools. Flow can help you set up a WeChat business account and make sure it’s optimized for your specific business.

SEO & SEM in China

Skill sets that rank higher than competitors in China

Starting with in-depth online competition and keyword analysis, Pandacuads SEO experts define and implement performance driven digital marketing strategies to increase the visibility of your website and drive transformed qualified search engine traffic. We work with you to develop SEO and SEM strategies for the targeted Chinese market, with a focus on Baidu and key international territories.

The first of good SEO practices is to analyze the website to ensure that Infastruce is SEO-friendly and that nothing can stop the website from rising in the rankings. This includes: Web server analysis, meta markup (title and description), analysis setup and evaluation, site map generation/optimization, robot.txt, mobile site evaluation and custom 404 error page setup/optimization. If your website is made by Pandacuads, it will have gone through pre-release SEO before it is published.

The targeted keyword research will be conducted in English and Chinese (if required) to shed light on what the target audience actually searches for when looking for services or industries relevant to your organization. Once you've identified the target keywords, we'll provide a strategy for implementing them into your content. We also write in Chinese

Reach and Segmentation
by customer digitalization

Social Media
WeChat, Weibo, Xiaohongshu

Taobao, T-Mall, JD.com
Payment gateways
Alipay, WeChat pay
Video platform
DouYin, Kuaishou, Youku, iQIY TV

We are committed to providing tailored marketing services for global brands in China. Contact us and meet with our team to discuss the growth potential of your brand in China.

Graphic design services we offer:

Order graphic design services

We understand your business needs, carefully plan a visual identity strategy and design original logo, business card, envelope, catalogue, label, brochure, poster, calendar and many other promo material items. Graphic elements created by our skillful designers can significantly improve your work. Let’s grow together!

Logo design

Corporate identity, business cards, letterheads, envelopes design

Design of catalogs, brochures, flyers, posters

Restaurant menus, food packaging wrapping and labeling graphic design

Book cover design, magazine design

Illustration design

Award-winning digital marketing in China

In terms of digital marketing in China for many customers (electronic commerce, finance, games, travel, retail, hairdressing, fast-moving consumer goods, education, immigration, etc.) won the excellent marketing performance, with rich cultural knowledge, professional of our China office colleagues will be for you to create the most localized content of simplified Chinese, so you seamlessly integrated into the China, And to provide you with personalized and required services.