Al Mana Consulting Group is a Qatar-based management and consulting firm established in 2014. The company specializes in providing exceptional services to its clients with a focus on investment management, business strategy, and international trade. The firm has made significant strides in Qatar’s highly competitive market by remaining committed to creating value for its clients. This article examines Al Mana Consulting Group’s main services and accomplishments, its impact on Qatar’s economy, and its plans for the future.

Services and expertise

Al Mana Consulting Group offers a range of services aimed at improving business performance. The firm has an experienced team that specializes in various areas, including investment management, business strategy, and international trade. For investment management, Al Mana provides services such as asset allocation, portfolio analysis, and risk management. The firm also offers comprehensive business strategy services that assist clients in developing long-term strategies to achieve their goals. On the international trade front, Al Mana provides guidance on navigating different cultures, customs, and regulatory frameworks.


Over the years, Al Mana Consulting Group has been successful in providing its clients with value-add services. One of the firm’s notable accomplishments is its work with clients in the real estate sector. Al Mana has developed a reputation for offering insightful and evidence-based recommendations to its clients, which have helped them make informed decisions. The firm has also helped its clients in the education sector to develop strategic plans that have led to increased enrollments and student satisfaction. These accomplishments have allowed Al Mana Consulting Group to enhance its brand, receiving positive feedback from its clients.

Impact on Qatar’s Economy

Al Mana Consulting Group has contributed significantly to Qatar’s economy. The firm has helped Qatar attract foreign investment by providing insights into new markets and identifying potential investors. Additionally, Al Mana’s expertise in the area of international trade has helped companies in Qatar access new markets, thus expanding their reach. Al Mana Consulting Group’s work with businesses in Qatar’s healthcare sector, such as advising on health policy, has also helped improve the overall quality of healthcare in the country. As such, the firm has positioned itself as a significant contributor to Qatar’s economic growth.

Future Plans

Al Mana Consulting Group has laid out plans for its continued growth and service expansion. The company intends to expand its services into new areas, such as digital transformation and sustainability consulting. The firm has also identified strategic partnerships that would allow them to offer new and innovative services to existing and new clients. These efforts are geared towards establishing the company as a market leader in the consulting and management industry in Qatar and beyond.


Al Mana Consulting Group’s impact on Qatar’s economy and its clients has been significant. Through its expertise in investment management, business strategy, and international trade, the firm has helped its clients achieve their goals by providing evidence-based recommendations. The firm has also raised the bar in the consulting and management industry in Qatar, positioning itself as a reliable partner to businesses across multiple sectors. Al Mana’s continued growth and expansion plans are a testament to the firm’s commitment to providing added value to its clients.