Your Ultimate Guide to Chinese Linkedin: Maimai

In China, social networking platforms are a crucial tool for professionals to connect with each other. Similar to LinkedIn in the Western world, Maimai is the leading professional networking platform in China that has gained popularity among professionals in recent years.

Maimai, launched in 2013, aimed to connect professionals in China, bringing about a unique perspective to the idea of job hunting, networking, and career advancement in the country. The app enables users to help each other in various ways, such as job hunting, professional development, and providing recommendations and introductions to new contacts in the industry. In short, Maimai’s mission is to build a community where professionals can gather to connect and exchange knowledge, leveraging the power of collaboration and networking.

How to Use Maimai

As with any social networking platform, to fully utilize its potential, you need to know the ins and outs of the platform. Here’s a quick overview of how to navigate through Maimai:

1. Account Signup

To sign up on Maimai, you need to provide your name, company name, job position, mobile number, and national identification number. Maimai operates on a real-name system where users are required to submit an identification number to verify their personal information.

2. Profile Creation

After signing up, you need to provide more information about yourself, such as your educational background, work experience, and professional skills. It’s essential to make your profile complete and accurate as it will enable you to connect with other professionals effectively.

3. Connect with Professionals

Maimai is all about building connections, and that’s why it’s vital to follow other professionals in your industry. The platform offers an advanced search function that allows you to search for people based on industry, job title, and specific keywords.

4. Join Groups

Maimai offers an abundance of groups where professionals can gather to discuss and learn about specific topics. The groups offer a great opportunity for you to connect with industry peers, learn from their experiences, and expand your own knowledge.

5. Utilize the App’s Features

Maimai offers various features such as job postings, company insights, and knowledge sharing. As a user, take advantage of these features to stay updated with the latest industry trends and job opportunities available.

Why Use Maimai?

As mentioned earlier, professional networking is crucial for professionals to advance their careers. In China, where the job market is highly competitive, Maimai provides a platform where professionals can connect with each other and expand their horizons beyond their circles.

With more than 100 million registered users on the platform, it’s easy to understand why professionals in China are gravitating towards it. The platform’s focus on professional networking has enabled many professionals to find job opportunities, seek professional advice, and build connections in the industry.

In Conclusion

Innovation and the adoption of new technology are driving factors in the professional world, and platforms like Maimai offer a unique perspective on the future of professional networking in China. Consider Maimai as your go-to platform for professional networking, and discover how you can achieve your career goals in the country.