Weibo, also known as Sina Weibo, is one of the largest and most popular social media platforms in China. With over 500 million monthly active users, it has become a vital marketing channel for businesses looking to expand their reach in China.

Advertising on Weibo can be a great way to engage with Chinese consumers and build brand awareness. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide on how to advertise on Weibo, including the types of ads available, how to create an ad campaign, and tips for optimizing your ad performance.

Types of Ads on Weibo

Weibo offers a variety of ad formats to choose from, including:

1. Banner Ads: These are display ads that appear at the top or bottom of a user’s timeline. They can be either static or animated and can link to a Weibo post, website, or app.

2. Sponsored Posts: These are native ads that appear in a user’s timeline and blend in with organic content. They can include text, images, and videos and can link to a website, app, or Weibo post.

3. Fan Tunnel Ads: These ads appear when a user visits their followers or follows pages. They are similar to banner ads but are displayed in a tunnel format.

4. Trending Topic Ads: These ads appear in the trending topic section of Weibo and are targeted to users interested in specific topics.

Creating a Weibo Ad Campaign

To create a successful Weibo advertising campaign, follow these steps:

1. Set your campaign objective: Determine what you want to achieve with your ad campaign. Do you want to build brand awareness or drive conversions? Weibo offers various objectives to choose from, including app installs, website clicks, and video views.

2. Define your target audience: Weibo allows you to target your ads based on various criteria, such as location, gender, age, interests, and behavior. Define your target audience based on your campaign objective and create a customized audience segmentation.

3. Choose your ad format: Select the best ad format based on your campaign objective and target audience.

4. Set your budget and schedule: Decide on your advertising budget, delivery schedule, and bidding strategy.

5. Create your ad: Craft a compelling ad that resonates with your target audience. Weibo offers various ad creation tools, such as image and video editors, to help you create visually appealing ads.

6. Launch your campaign: Submit your ad for review and approval by Weibo. Once approved, your ad will be launched on Weibo.

Tips for Optimizing Your Weibo Ad Performance

To get the most out of your Weibo ad campaign, follow these tips:

1. Use eye-catching visuals: Weibo is a visual platform, so make sure your ads have strong visual appeal.

2. Keep your message simple and clear: Communicate your message in a concise and clear manner to capture users’ attention.

3. Run A/B tests: Test different ad formats, creatives, and messaging to determine what works best for your target audience.

4. Monitor your ad performance: Keep track of your ad metrics, such as click-through rate, conversion rate, and cost-per-click, and adjust your campaign accordingly.

5. Leverage influencers: Weibo influencers can help amplify your brand message and reach a wider audience.


Advertising on Weibo can be an effective way to reach Chinese consumers and build brand awareness. By understanding the different ad formats, creating a well-targeted ad campaign, and optimizing your ad performance, you can engage with your target audience and achieve your marketing objectives on Weibo.