As the largest country in the world in terms of population, China is home to numerous cultural norms and beauty standards. Chinese beauty standards have certainly evolved over time but continue to be a topic of fascination for the global community. The Chinese have always been admired for their smooth, gentle, and radiant skin, delicate facial features, and a slim yet curvaceous figure. In this article, we will take a closer look at the beauty standards prevalent in China.

White Skin

White skin is considered as the ultimate beauty standard in China. It is an ancient beauty standard that has been prevalent for centuries. Chinese women once believed that if they had pale skin, then it meant they were from a wealthy family and did not have to spend hours working outside in the sun. White skin is still considered desirable and is seen as a symbol of elegance, youthfulness and a high social status.

To maintain fair skin, Chinese women use various methods such as sun-blocking umbrellas, hats, and skincare products with whitening agents. They also avoid spending time outside during peak hours and limit their sun exposure. This beauty standard has even led to the creation of a whole category of skincare products that aim to lighten the skin tone.

Small Face

Another Chinese beauty standard is a small face. A small face with delicate features is seen as a symbol of femininity and beauty in Chinese culture. Women even undergo surgery to get a more delicate-looking face.

A small face is seen as a sign of youthfulness, health, and femininity. The standard for a small face is to maintain a 1:3 ratio between the length and width of the face, where the width should be less than the length.


Having double eyelids is another trait that is considered attractive in China. Women with a monolid often pursue cosmetic surgery to create a double eyelid. This feature is so desirable that it has become a cosmetic industry in China.

Double eyelids are seen as a sign of an open and expressive personality. It is believed that women with double eyelids have a more significant chance of succeeding in their careers and love lives.

Body Shape

While slimness is universally admired and a standard of beauty, Chinese beauty standards go one step further. Women with an hourglass figure are seen as ideal in China. The curves of this body shape, combined with a tiny waist, are considered attractive.

The desire for an hourglass figure has resulted in the practice of wearing corsets to reduce the size of the waist temporarily. Some women opt for dieting and exercising to achieve their desired body shape.

In conclusion, Chinese beauty standards have evolved and changed over time. The white skin, small face, double eyelids, and hourglass figure are currently considered as the ultimate beauty standards. The pressure on individuals to conform to these standards can be challenging, leading to a surge in the cosmetic and beauty industry in China. However, it is important to remember that beauty is subjective and that individuals should be the ones to determine their own beauty standards.