China Cleaning Products Market Guide

China’s cleaning products market is one of the largest in the world, with a value of over 200 billion yuan. The cleaning products industry in China is divided into three main categories: household cleaning products, industrial cleaning products, and commercial cleaning products. The growth rate for the industry has been steady over the past few years, with an average annual growth rate of around 10%. In this article, we will provide a guide for those looking to enter the Chinese cleaning products market, including a brief overview of the industry, current trends, and key players.

Industry Overview

The Chinese cleaning products market is highly competitive, with a large number of players vying for market share. Household cleaning products account for the largest share of the market, with major segments including dishwashing, laundry, and surface cleaners. Industrial cleaning products are used in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, healthcare, and automotive. Commercial cleaning products are used in public spaces such as schools, hotels, and office buildings.

One of the key drivers of the cleaning products market in China is increasing urbanization and a growing middle class, who are more likely to spend money on cleaning products. In addition, rising concerns over hygiene and cleanliness have also contributed to the growth of the industry.


One of the major trends in the Chinese cleaning products market is the shift towards eco-friendly and sustainable products. Consumers are becoming more conscious about the impact of their purchases on the environment, leading to a growing demand for green cleaning products. Major companies such as Procter & Gamble and Unilever are investing in research and development to create eco-friendly cleaning products that meet consumer demand.

Another trend in the industry is the rise of e-commerce. Online sales of cleaning products have grown rapidly in recent years, with major players such as and Alibaba dominating the market. The convenience of online shopping has made it easier for consumers to purchase cleaning products, particularly in rural areas where traditional retailers may be scarce.

Key Players

The cleaning products market in China is dominated by a few key players, including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and Colgate-Palmolive. These companies have a strong presence in the household cleaning products market, with well-known brands such as Tide and Ariel (Procter & Gamble), Omo and Comfort (Unilever), and Protex and Palmolive (Colgate-Palmolive).

In the industrial cleaning products segment, global players such as Ecolab and Diversey dominate the market. These companies offer a wide range of products and solutions for industries such as food and beverage, hospitality, and healthcare.


The Chinese cleaning products market is a lucrative opportunity for companies looking to expand their business in Asia. However, with intense competition and changing consumer preferences, it is essential to stay up-to-date with industry trends and stay ahead of the competition. By investing in research and development, creating eco-friendly products, and leveraging e-commerce channels, companies can position themselves for success in the Chinese cleaning products market.