All You Need To Know About Mafengwo Marketing & Advertising

If you haven’t heard of Mafengwo yet, it’s time you caught up with the latest in Chinese travel blogging and social media. With over 80 million registered users, Mafengwo is quickly becoming the go-to platform for millions of Chinese travelers looking for inspiration and advice on where to go, what to see and what to do. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Mafengwo and how it can be leveraged for marketing and advertising purposes.

What is Mafengwo?

Mafengwo was launched in 2006 by a group of travel enthusiasts who wanted to share their travel experiences with others. The website quickly became popular among Chinese travelers and has since evolved into a comprehensive travel platform that offers information on destinations, attractions, hotels, restaurants, and activities, as well as travel forums, blog posts, and user-generated content.

Mafengwo’s unique selling point is its focus on experiential travel. Instead of just offering practical information on travel logistics, Mafengwo seeks to inspire and engage its users by showcasing the personal experiences of its users through travelogues, photos, and videos. Because of this, Mafengwo has a strong following among younger Chinese travelers who prioritize authentic experiences and personal connections.

Marketing on Mafengwo

With its large user base and strong focus on personal experience, Mafengwo presents an excellent opportunity for brands and marketers to connect with potential customers in China. Here are some ways to market on Mafengwo:

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a popular strategy on Mafengwo, as users trust the recommendations of travel bloggers and influencers who have traveled extensively and have a large following on the platform. Brands can partner with influencers and bloggers to showcase their products or services in the context of the influencer’s travel experience. This can include sponsored posts, travelogues, and product reviews.

2. Content Marketing

Mafengwo offers a range of content marketing options, including sponsored posts and travelogues. Brands can work with Mafengwo to create content that showcases their products or services in a way that resonates with the platform’s users. This can include guides to destinations, hotel and restaurant reviews, and activity recommendations.

3. Advertising

Mafengwo offers a range of advertising options, including banner ads, sponsored search results, and social media ads. Brands can use these options to target their audience based on interests, demographics, and location. Advertising can be particularly effective for promoting travel packages or special offers.

4. Partnership Marketing

Mafengwo has partnerships with a range of travel-related businesses, including airlines, hotels, and tourism boards. Brands can leverage these partnerships to create co-branded content, promotions, and events.


Mafengwo is fast becoming one of the most influential travel platforms in China, with millions of registered users who rely on the platform for inspiration and advice on their travel experiences. Brands and marketers who are looking to reach Chinese travellers should consider including Mafengwo in their marketing and advertising strategies. With the right approach, Mafengwo can offer an effective way to connect with a highly engaged audience.